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Learn what your medical office will gain with Canna-Val

Canna-Val will give you the ability to provide patients with
a professional consistent standard of care.

Canna-Val takes the speculation and personal opinion out of the MMJ equation and replaces it with science.  Using Canna-Val you will have immediate access to a patient's "LeafPrint" and their recommended treatment plan. You can review this with your patients, allowing more specific recommendations than ever before. Canna-Val allows doctors and caregivers to review what has and what has not been effective for their MMJ patients, saving time and money.

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Your benefits

With Canna-Val your medical office will:
Establish a standardized quality of care​​
Create Higher Patient retention
Provide your patients with symptom specific treatment plans​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Be able to monitor patients progress between visits​​​​​​​
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