Canna-Val Dispensary

See how you and your customers can benefit from the Canna-Val platform

Become a Canna-Val Dispensary

  Create a unique and educational experience for your patients by becoming a
Canna-Val Dispensary.  By offering your patients their own individualized LeafPrint, you will increase sales by introducing them to a cross section of cannabis products and ingestion methods.  This turnkey software will eliminate staff inconsistency, misinformation and patient confusion, allowing patients to purchase their medicinal cannabis with confidence. 

Demo and 30 day trial

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With Canna-Val your dispensary will:

Have immediate online access to a patient's "LeafPrint" 
Improve patient loyalty​​
Become a patient centric facility​​​​​​​
Increase vertical sales by recommending patients to a litany of products generated by their LeafPrint
Create staff uniformity between all departments of your dispensary
New patient qualified leads by being listed in our Canna-Val Dispensary Directory page