Bridging the gap between the patient,
the caregiver, and cannabis

Canna-Val is a turnkey software solution giving doctors and dispensaries instant access to patient and product data, matching patients with an individualized cannabinoid treatment profile.

Canna-Val will give dispensaries and doctors the ability to provide their patients with a professional and consistent standard of care. 

The Canna-Val Assessment (CVA) will generate a LeafPrint that will identify the combination of cannabinoids that offer the best relief for each individual symptom.  

Canna-Val will move the cannabis industry beyond the current 3 tier classification (Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid) for all cannabis related products and create a well-defined and accurate measure for how cannabis should be viewed and used. It will pave the way to the creation of better methods of production and consumption, adding value for the MMJ industry as well as patients.

How Canna-Val Works

Your C-Val Patient LeafPrint

The 'LeafPrint' technology matches the patient’s evaluation data with the product laboratory results to generate a unique, individualized cannabis therapy recommendation; The LeafPrint Treatment Profile.

Your C-Val Patient LeafPrint

Pain in the shoulders can
caused by any number of
issues, but are typically
muscular or ligament related

The human GI sysem can
generate a variety of
symptoms and aliments

Pain in the lower extremities
are other related to back and
hip issues and be mitgated

Patient LeafPrint

Patients can use their LeafPrint Treatment Profile at any dispensary for product guidance.
Patients can take their LeafPrint to their doctor’s office for review or card renewal.
Patients will have digital access to their LeafPrint Treatment Plan from any PC, Android or Apple device.
Patients will have the ability to provide instant online feedback so their LeafPrint can be reviewed and modified as needed by a Canna-Val dispensary or doctor.
The LeafPrint technology will identify specific products, dosing suggestions and consumption methods, generating an easy-to-understand cannabis treatment profile.
Canna-Val guides all patients, from the beginner to the experienced user, to the best matched medicine for their symptoms.
Canna-Val removes the uncertainty from the MMJ experience for new or existing patients.